6 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs Vaginal Probiotics

by Jade Evans
Last Updated March 17, 2024

Navigating through the challenges of vaginal odors and imbalanced pH levels can profoundly affect your sense of self, touching every part of your life, from intimate moments to daily interactions.

Discover the gentle power of Vitamin V, designed to harmoniously address odors and dryness, guiding you back to a state of balanced well-being and inner grace.

1. Maintain The Perfect Vaginal pH Balance

A healthy vagina relies on balanced pH.
But when this balance is off, it can lead to odors, discomfort, and infections.

Regaining and maintaining such balance requires changes from the inside.

Vitamin V™ contains Lactobacillus probiotics - the good type of bacteria to create a slightly acidic environment, deterring harmful bacteria.

2. Eliminate Embarrassing Smells For Good

Dealing with dryness and odors is more than just uncomfortable; it hits right at your self-esteem.

With Vitamin V™, say goodbye to those worries.

Our unique proprietary formula goes beyond just addressing bacterial imbalances. It nurtures your vaginal health, combating odors directly at their source and alleviating dryness by promoting a balanced, healthy vaginal microbiome. Experience a fresh, comfortable feeling that actually lasts

3. GMP-Certified & Vegan Probiotics

Our ingredients aren't just chosen; they're clinically studied, promising you not just a solution but a revolution in vaginal health care.

Our Vitamin V probiotics are manufactured in the UK, non-GMO and Vegan.

Beyond just being non-GMO, each batch undergoes strict third-party testing, affirming our dedication to quality and your peace of mind.

4. Let Your Partner Explore With Confidence

Worries about vaginal scent and taste can really lessen the pleasure of intimacy, making you hesitant to fully immerse yourself in moments with your partner.

Vitamin V will bring back your confidence in your natural freshness, freeing you to fully savor each intimate encounter without any reservations.

Any embarrassment felt in the bedroom fades away, paving the path for complete enjoyment and deeper connection.

5. Ditch 'solutions' That Don't Actually Work

We've all been there, trying everything from douching to intimate wipes in hopes of finding relief, only to be disappointed or even face worsened conditions.

But with Seluni Vitamin V™, there's a real difference.

Our carefully formulated probiotics work from the inside to rejuvenate your vaginal flora, effectively removing odors and balancing yeast and pH levels.

It's time to leave those temporary solutions behind and welcome true, lasting wellness.

Together, we can embrace a healthier, more confident life.

Seluni is more than a brand; it's our solemn promise to ensure every woman feels the depth of her own grace, deserving of health and harmony.

- Catherine Davies, CEO

Hear from our customers who've embraced their journey with Vitamin V

"Noticed a huge difference with in days of taking them TMI every time I was intimate the next morning I would have a foul smell 🐠 but every since I started taking these supplements smell is totally gone. I am 1000 percent happy 😊"

Emma, 26

Verified Buyer

"As I approached menopause, I started experiencing more frequent issues with my vaginal health, something I'd never really dealt with before. The imbalances were uncomfortable and disheartening. On a friend's recommendation, I tried Vitamin V™, and it's been nothing short of transformative. My pH levels have stabilized, and the discomfort is a memory. It's comforting to know there's a product that addresses these changes so effectively."

Gemma, 51

Verified Buyer

"After giving birth to my beautiful son, my body changed in ways I hadn't anticipated, including my vaginal health. pH imbalances became a distressing issue, affecting my comfort and confidence. Finding Vitamin V™ Probiotic Capsules was a turning point. Within weeks of starting them, I felt like myself again. They helped restore my vaginal health, giving me one less thing to worry about during this new chapter of life. I'm so grateful for this product and highly recommend it to new moms experiencing similar issues.""

Eva, 37

Verified Buyer

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