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From the very onset of womanhood, conditioned to navigate its complexities, including those discomforts that should never be a silent norm. It’s a curious oversight that conditions like BV, yeast infections, and imbalances in vaginal flora, so prevalent among us, barely stir public discourse in the UK.

In the heart of the UK, Hannah, with her visionary co-founder, set out to challenge this enduring silence. Driven by a commitment to confront a challenge that impacts countless women across the nation and globally, yet remains conspicuously neglected by the healthcare system, they established Seluni. Their mission? To stand up for every woman who contends that the conversation around vaginal health needs a revolution.

The journey began with profound breakthroughs in vaginal health, igniting a question: What other frontiers of female well-being could they pioneer? From the trials of menstrual health to the transitions of menopause, encompassing gut health and the spectrum of female wellness, Seluni stands committed. Rooted in the UK, we are here to empower women's health on every front, ensuring that each step we take is a stride towards comprehensive well-being.


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Women's Wellness

We're on a mission to offer effective and enjoyable products for historically overlooked health needs. At Seluni, we specialize in vaginal probiotics to empower and support women's well-being.



From tackling your first sign of imbalance to maintaining wellness beyond, we're with you through every chapter.

Enabling women

to feel their most confident

We focus on women's needs in ways the health industry traditionally hasn't, supporting them at every life stage.



Our proactive, symptom-targeting products simplify the adoption of habit-based wellness.

Science backed ingredients

We rely on research-backed ingredients to deliver tangible results.

Small steps

Significant Results

Our probiotic capsules enhance daily wellness with a beneficial touch, promising lasting positive impacts.

Our Medical

Advisory Board 


"I recommend Vitamin V's probiotics to my patients because—simply put—they deliver results. I value their focus on addressing vaginal health concerns that have traditionally been ignored or downplayed."

Dr. Stephanie Oliveira | MD


Our Medical

Advisory Board 


"Women frequently encounter dismissals of their symptoms, from gut imbalances to PMS, as 'just part of being a woman.' I admire Vitamin V's commitment to addressing these often-neglected areas of women's health, providing thoroughly researched probiotics that truly make a difference."

- Sandra Lenge | PA




We're dedicated to crafting innovative and engaging solutions for the health challenges that have long been ignored.


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