6 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs Vaginal Probiotics


By Jade Evans
Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Just a tiny tweak to your daily routine, like adding a vaginal probiotic supplement, can not only help balance your vaginal pH for good...

But it can also aid in combating unwanted vaginal odors quicker...

Literally helping to improve your vaginal flora, enhance your overall vaginal health and even boost your confidence in intimate situations.

Improving your vaginal health has never been easier thanks to this 1 simple supplement tailored for every woman at any age!

Here's how it works


1. Banish Vaginal Odor for Good

If you've been dealing with unpleasant vaginal odors, such as tangy, sour or fishy smells, Vitamin V will be your game changer.

Your vagina has a naturally diverse microbiome. If there aren’t enough Lactobacillus probiotics, the vagina’s pH can become too basic, making it more susceptible to harmful bacteria, which ultimately leads to discomfort and unhealthy odors.

Vitamin V™ blends 5 targeted vaginal probiotic strains with prebiotics from chicory to help keep your vaginal health in check by keeping the pH balance healthy.

"Noticed a huge difference with in days of taking them TMI every time I was intimate the next morning I would have a nasty foul smell 🐠 but every since I started taking these supplements smell is totally gone. I am 1000 percent happy 😊" - Rachel


2. You'll Notice An Improvement Fast

Seriously. Within days you'll know these aren't regular probiotics.

Lactobacillius Bacteria will reach the targeted area within days and restore your natural vaginal smell.

A recent survey revealed that 74% of women taking vaginal probiotics notice the first effects within the first 3 days (!)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I showered in the morning and after a long day of work was intimate with my husband and he was actually disappointed at how “clean” it smelt 😅, this was 14 hours after my shower mind you, who'da thunk that was a problem but it made me feel so comfortable and confident. Such a quick fix, too quick. He said it smelt as if I had just got out the shower. Asked if I’d “washed” up lol. He didn’t like the fishy smell obviously, he would point it out but now apparently it’s too clean 😂" - Natalie K.

3. Daily Discomfort Becomes A Thing Of the Past

Finding relief from daily discomfort lies in a balanced vaginal environment.

With a potent combination of vaginal probiotic strains and prebiotics, this formula is a champion of vaginal well-being.

Every capsule is packed with an ideal mix of 10 billion CFUs, aimed at preserving pH levels, minimizing excessive discharge, and fighting off stubborn odors.

"As a gynecologist, I'm impressed with this probiotic's blend of strains and prebiotics. It effectively maintains vaginal pH, reducing discomfort, discharge, and odors. A genuine breakthrough for women's health, it's a product I confidently recommend for maintaining optimal vaginal well-being.." 
Dr. Elisabeth M. Zito, Gynecologist


4. How Vaginal Probiotics Transform Sex into a Pain-Free, Joyful Experience

Vitamin V emerges as an exceptional remedy for vaginal dryness, boosting natural lubrication for enhanced comfort and pleasure in intimate encounters.

The included probiotics promote a harmonious vaginal environment, crucial for optimal moisture balance, aiding in the prevention of discomfort and elevating the intimate experience.

Users report significant improvements, highlighting how the product effectively addresses wetness concerns, making intimacy more pleasurable and pain-free. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "They certainly seem to work lol I ordered them as I was having some "wetness" issues or lack thereof even though my drive was perfectly fine. Got these and my boyfriend said they did wonders, and they did! It wasn't hurting me anymore even though I was enjoying it. When I ran out there was a noticeable difference, so I ordered again. They are definitely worth it. " - Vanessa K.

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5. Easy To Incoporate in Your Daily Routine

Simplify your routine with just one capsule a day, no need to juggle multiple doses.

You'll find each bottle packed with 60 capsules, giving you a full 60 days of support.

They're also vegan-friendly and crafted for easy digestion, effortlessly fitting into your daily wellness routine.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I am almost done with my 1st bottle and I absolutely LOVE it! It's like "refreshing down there" without even doing anything, that's how well it works! I will definitely be sticking with this product, excited for the next bottle!" - Marilyn Klugh


6. 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Vitamin V has been a personal game-changer, and seeing the difference it made for me, I felt compelled to recommend it to my close friends.

The 60-day guarantee was a big part of why I felt comfortable trying it out—it offered a risk-free way to see if this could be the solution I was looking for. It felt like a direct commitment to my intimate health, which was incredibly reassuring.

It's a risk-free opportunity to explore a new solution and potentially find your new favorite essential.

I'm confident you'll love it as much as I do.

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